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Your brand's 'Why, How & What'

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Of all the intangible thinking you'll do as a marketer, your brand's 'Why, How and What' can be the most difficult. Though challenging to distil, the ideas, themes, motivations and language captured here will form the basis of your communications with your customers.

The concepts underpinning brands 'Why, How, What', or the 'Golden Circle' aren't new, Simon Sinek in his famous 2010 TED talk coined the terms and way of structuring the thinking behind it. We've paraphrased to describe how we use his framework.

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Your 'Why' is your business or brand's purpose or most core reason for existing. If it were a person, 'Why' would it get out of bed in the morning? It's not to be confused with your business objectives. No person or brand would exist simply to sell more or gain more market share.

Here at AM-i, our 'Why' is to 'make marketing simple'. We believe that 'simple works best, and marketing and communications are no exception'. You'll know when you've perfected your 'Why' as it will inspire and motivate you, those around you and, most importantly, your customers.


Your 'How' is your values: how you conduct business and what differentiates you from your competitors. It's also known as your unique selling point, differentiating value proposition or customer value proposition.

Again, using AM-i as our example. We work by the following three.

"CUSTOMER FOCUSED, BUSINESS MINDED. We're the customer custodian at every touchpoint in their lifecycle. We're agile, moving at pace with you to meet your business objectives."

"REALISTIC, INTEGRATED SOLUTIONS. We're pragmatic, providing actionable strategic, brand, creative, data & automation solutions. Blue sky is great, but we help you realistically get there."

"CLIENT CARE, MINUS THE BS. We cut out the unnecessary processes, the typical agency spin and the fluff. To be blunt, we get it done and are unashamedly here to make you look good."


Your brand's 'What' is your mission or the service or product that you provide.

Ours is to provide our customers with end-to-end customer engagement solutions – Strategy, Brand, Creative, Data and Automation.

Check out AM I's 'Why, How and What' above as an example and, if you're still wrestling with the idea of a brand's 'Why, How and What', watch Simon Sinek's TED talk where he succinctly spells out the concept including examples.

Typically, your 'Why, How and What' is for internal eyes only. However, the ideas and themes identified here will form the basis of your 'message hierarchy', which is externally facing.

To learn more about marketing strategy, download our marketing strategy white paper.